Q. How do I book the Party Bus?
A. The Party Bus can be booked by completing an easy and friendly Contact Us form
and returning it to us- then we’ll get back to you within the next 24h. Otherwise
please give us a call on 0845-8620-666 (UK) or 0048123573220 (outside UK) and
speak directly to an experienced English travel consultant.

Q. How much deposit do you take and how do I settle the payment?
A. We require only a 99 GBP deposit for the whole group which is payable either by
bank transfer to our UK bank account or securely online via Paypal.
We know how difficult it is for the group organisers to collect money from
participants and we know that it often comes down to paying from your own account
before you actually get this money back. We don’t want to leave you cashless so,
having an office in Poland, we are able to collect the balance upon your safe arrival in
Krakow. Once onboard the bus, you will be asked by one of our party guides to pay
the outstanding bill.

This takes place in sterling, unless previously arranged in another currency, and there
are no exceptions to this rule.

Q. What about last minute bookings?
A All bookings made within 7 days of the date of travel are considered as last minute ones. We DO take last minute bookings but in such cases, we require a 50 % deposit of the total order value.

Q. What about possible cancellation costs?
A. The 99 GBP deposit is non-refundable due to our costs connected with servicing
your enquiry (telephone calls etc…) but on the other hand, we will not ask you to pay
the full outstanding balance even if you cancel your tour 72h prior to your arrival.

In case of cancellations within 72h, we will ask you to pay half of the tour price
mentioned in the contract form and in case of non- arrival, you will be asked to pay
the full price.

Q . What if our flight is delayed?
A. We will do our best to wait for you even if your flight is delayed and we will not add any surcharges for this. However, there might occur situations where we have another group coming and we can’t wait any longer. In such cases, we can either postpone your transfer to a later time agreed with you, or we’ll give you an invoice and help you claim back the value of the lost transfer from the air carriers who have caused the problem.

Q. Do I have to book the whole bus?
A. We think that having the Partybus.PL booked exclusively for your group is the best
solution if you expect the full VIP treatment. However, we are flexible and we can try
to match you with another group which would agree on sharing the bus. Just ask us.

Q. Is there a minimal number of people required to book the bus?
A. No, there isn’t. The tours are charged either by the hour or by trip, which means
you either pay for how long you hire the bus or you agree on a price per trip which is
independent of the number of participants.

Q. What is the difference between Partybus.PL and other similar companies?
A. First of all, there are no similar companies in Poland. What makes us different from other overseas companies is the fact that we don’t simply offer a bus with balloons, streamers and some audio equipment. The Partybus.PL is a state of the art, custom-designed vehicle, equipped with min: 32’’LCD plus DVD with karaoke  option + Xbox 360 with a wide set of games + state of art sound system + smoke maker + disco laser + remote controlled sublit ceiling + leather sofas + dancing pole and much, much more…! And it caters for groups of up to 33 people.

It’s very exclusive, but at the same time available to all people who want to book it. Unlike some other overseas companies, we also welcome stag & hen groups onboard. Having had a lot of good experiences from both company trips and stag and hen groups, we welcome everybody.

Q. What is the difference between the party limo bus and a normal stretched
limousine ?

A. There are at least 24 differences… the biggest limo in Krakow can take actually up
to 9 people- the Partybus takes onboard over 33 people and it steel feels comfortable.

That makes 24! Plus in a normal limo, you don’t get even a third of the mentioned Hi-If and party equipment and it feels quite crowded, not to mention the fact that you can’t stand or dance… nor can the dancers-if desired !! With Partybus.PL you simply get the stuff you wouldn’t be able to get in any stretched limousine.

Q. We’re a small group- up to 9 people. Wouldn’t it be more profitable for us to book just a stretched limo?
A. Certainly it would a bit cheaper- but again- look above and compare what you get with us and what you get with just a limo…

Q. I am a stag/corporate customer- can I book the trip from another category?
A. Yes, certainly. The tours are divided into categories just for ease of navigation and what we think, based on experience, would be of biggest interest for your group.

Q. What nightspots do you visit?
A. Krakow has over 300 clubs and pubs located in the city centre, and we have put a lot of effort into choosing the best & hottest ones. We have hand-picked over 30 places which we think are really representative of this city.

Q. What time do your nightlife tours start?
A. We usually star our nightlife tours at about 7-8 p.m, but we are flexible and cater
for individual arrangements.

Q. What is the dress code?
A. Good clothes are essential for all of our nightlife tours which means no trainers and no sport t-shirts are allowed, mainly due to nightclub policy. Polo shirts with jeans are fine, but no shorts even if your legs are as nice as our guides’! However, this doesn’t apply to airport pick- ups where casual clothing is normal. Fancy dress is also acceptable even on nightlife tours, provided you let us know in advance so we can put you to the right club. The rules in Poland are the same as in any other EU state, so don’t try to do anything here that you wouldn’t in your own country.

Q. Are there any age restrictions to book the bus?
A. According to Polish law, all participants of nightlife tours must be 18 +. For airport pick-ups there is no such restriction, but if you want to add a stripper, you still have to be 18 or over.

Q. Can we have a tailor made tour?
A. The answer is yes. Tours given on the web site are the most popular ones but you can tailor a tour according to your needs- just contact us for details. This company works hard to bring clients what they require and our sales personnel are there to advise and not to sell. If you call us or we call you, please feel confident that we are seeking the best deal for our clients and are committed to keeping costs to a minimum.

Q. Is alcohol provided onboard the bus?
A. Yes it is. The bars are stocked with champagnes, beers and different kinds of vodkas which are free but not unlimited as we believe this is just a complimentary
service provided before the nightclub evenings.
Q. Do you organise any other events?
A. For more activities and/or planning your perfect stag/hen weekend please refer to our sister company PartyKrakow.com